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Oct. 26th, 2007 @ 01:13 pm update in a 100 years
Today I feel: blahblah
okay. Oh wow, I don't even know how long it's been but for some reason I just had an urge to go on live journal. I haven't just written in so long. Just discussed things with myself? lol I don't know where this is going.
University is pretty good. I've seen mac and kingston and they were impressive, made me sad about pathetic brock lol, but i'll get over it.
some bad things have happened, but also some good. I dont know why im acting weird lately.
i think i know why... perhaps

aha im all over the map today, im tired and procrastinating my homework.
is it still homework? or rather just work.

I wish some things were different.
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Dec. 17th, 2006 @ 03:17 pm (no subject)
Today I feel: blankblank
so last night i fourwheeled it over an exit out of macs.. that is i went in the out way.. because i saw these kids that i thought i knew and wanted to talk to em so i turned around.. and fourwheeled it over this thing... that happened to be like a curb. anyways. it wasnt them.. lol
and i lost my hubcap.. which i ran over in the process.. my dads kinda mad.
but my moms gonna sell the corrolla to my sister in the summer prolly.. we might be getting a new car.. that is a new car for us.. but otherwise known as used.. or we might just live with one car for a while.. because we will all be off at university.. (cept michelle.. dont know what shes doing quite yet..).. anyways
its xmas baking time.
christmas is about to throw up all over my house! yay..
and once again.. im the only one putting up the christmas tree.. yup. my family loves christmas just about as much i do .. (which is not very much)..
good news tho.. im done my xmas shopping.. which is nice.
gonna get my hair cut soon.
ROM volunteer orientation on WEDNESDAY! i hope its awesome im excited....

ps. im addicted to the song boiled frogs.

(8) my youth is slipping... my youth is slipping awaaaayyy
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Nov. 3rd, 2006 @ 11:05 pm (no subject)
I love jumping in big piles of leaves. especially when its spontanious.... its so lovely.
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aloha all.
today while i was driving to school -in my toga-.. i almost got into an accident..
this guy was in the left turning lane on upper middle and trafalgar.. and i was TWO .. TWO WHOLE LANES OVER.. like he was in one. then there was another empty one.. then mine. so i see him signal to get out of that line and im like oh okay hes gonna go in the empty one NOT THE ONE IM SPEEDING DOWN ON.. BUT NOPE.. he crosses the empty one and goes RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.. now im speeding just a little bit.. and he OBVIOUSLY wasnt looking cuz he could clearly see me as i was TWO LANES OVER.. fucker.. anyways.. so like he pulls over and i SLAM THE BREAKS... i was going so fast there was screeching and smoke from my tires.. thats how fast i had to stop.. and i began to turn so i would go up on the curb rather then hit his car... but thank god i fucking stopped in time.. i had my horn wailing this whole time.. and then so i stopped.. unscathed.. and he was ahead of me in his desired lane.. and i honked the horn a good 3 times just to say it was really stupid of him to do something like that.. bastard.. but anyways.
today was school dress up day.. not many people dressed up.. but i did.. i was julius caesar/a greek statue.. aha. i wore a toga and i made a ring of leave things for my head.. it was sexy aha.. went to O-ville place for lunch (not in my toga.. ahah took it off for that).. and returned for data.
dance tonight (i have such school spirit this year go me!)... cept i have to miss the football game tmrw due to work..
i love ian. we had the nicest (unfortunatly) msn convo about his costume and curling. he might join!!.. that would be like.. heaven for me.. cuz id give him a ride of course;) which means.. HED BE IN MY CAR... god i love that kid.. i swear.. ahah okay. im done. cya folks.
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Oct. 19th, 2006 @ 04:57 pm (no subject)
so i just got off the phone with some lady from the ROM.
i cant volunteer because im not 19. so there goes that plan out the window.
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Sep. 9th, 2006 @ 09:44 pm ZACH BRAFF!
Today I feel: bouncybouncy
OMG I SAW ZACH BRAFF!!! with kristen.. and she LOVED IT.. she was so surprised.. when i told her she gave like a little eek. lmao.. it was funny.. i got so many pics.. and before the show... DALLAS GREEN WALKS IN.. YA I KNOW.. and me and kristen look at each other and go WHERE IS JEN! (she was supposed to go but i couldnt get 3 tickets).. so that sucked she wasnt there.. but DALLAS IS GOING OUT WITH LEAH>. EW HE CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER.. like jen. lmao.. but ya. kinda depresing and leah is such a bitch.. like as soon as the show was over she booked it out of there on her cell phone. probably calling dallas.. she strikes me as the needy g/f type.. matte was actually cool he talked to everyone before and after the show... anyways.. so the show starts and fergie was there.. mehish. got a pic of her.
then zach braff came... he was awesome. funny. nice and i felt sorry for one of the cast members cuz no one knew who she was. we were all like zach! or rachel! ahah anyways.. i got some nice pics and he signed kristen and jens cd cover ... i took a picture of him a kristen.. and HE took a picture of me and him.. (ZACH TOOK A PICTURE !! WITH MY CAMERA!!).. and he used my marker to sign like everything with so he touched it for optimum amt of time.. so i gave kristen that marker.. lol.. she actually had a convo with him.. while he was signing shit she was like..
kristen: Whens the new season of scrubs coming out?
zach: november .. do you guys get comedy central up here
kristen: ya..
zach: its on there twice a week so youre gonna get sick of it aha.
kristen: ill never get sick of it..
then he had to sit back down. lol..
then during one of the commerical breaks he was just sitting there waiting to go back on and im like.. ZACH YOURE THE BEST.. and hes like.. Yes! *does little yes thing ahah* and when he signed "my" it was really jens cd cover.. hes like.. super susan! (cuz i was wearing that shirt).. so zach uttered my name from his lips.. lmao.. pretty awesome.. matte commented on my shirt before the show too:)... it was cool. i feel like such a loser aha
but yes. some nice pics of him and the unexpected dallas green which made me happy.. he walked like 10cm away from us and he waved ahah.. it was a nice time.. me and kristen decided we should go to mod more often when theres kids we like on there cuz its not a hassel at all.. and kristen met her idol.. ahah.. gotta love her. anyways.. good night
work tmrw. pics developed tmrw! woot cant wait to see them all..
soon to be posted.
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Aug. 3rd, 2006 @ 10:01 pm The 70s show
okay. so i just saw the finale of that 70s show. like the series one. and i had missed it on the regular season run. and im really sad now cuz that show was awesome. even if the new episodes were crap cuz there was no eric or kelso.. but really.. it was one of those great shows that is now gone... *tear* .. aw i wish i grew up in the 70s. i really really do.
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Jun. 1st, 2006 @ 09:39 pm blah
Today I feel: blah/aggravated
work is GRR
stupid points/bitchy people dont mix.
should be utizling all the time i have to study.. but meh. im tired and feel like playing tetris:P
thats my entry for today because alas i am too tired to write anything else.. EXCEPT.
Ian was very flirtatious with me today;).. so that made me happyish. or else he was just being himself.. *sigh* stupid guys. im so close.. hes like the reason i dont want school to be over.. cept i can talk to him in summer and hang out i suppose.. THAT IS WHEN I RETURN FROM GREECE.
31 days to go.. god.
tmrw work as well.
saturday work as well.
thank god rugby is over with.. now i have stupid soccer all the time. i think i hate net aha.. YOU ALL MUST COME WATCH MY GAME SOMETIME.. MUhAHAHHAHAH
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Apr. 28th, 2006 @ 06:28 pm (no subject)

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Apr. 23rd, 2006 @ 05:04 pm quiz.
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